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Specialist healthcare accountants supporting change to NHS related and medical commerce.

Accountants for GP Surgeries, Super Partnerships & Federations

At Ballards LLP, we pride ourselves on having over 70 years of experience working as accountants within the healthcare sector.


We are one of a select few firms of accountants that have direct experience advising Surgeries, CCGs and LMCs on Super Partnerships & Federations, as well as working with a number of both. Our advice can help you make an informed decision and understand the implications of your GP Surgery joining with others or remaining independent.


  •  Advice on Super Partnerships & Federations
  •  Direct experience in setting up Super P finance functions
  •  Due diligence reporting on incoming GP Surgeries
  •  Time line planning and budget planning for projects
  •  Drawing equalisation analysis & profit share post merger
  •  Advice regarding appropriate structure for holding various contracts
  •  VAT considerations
  •  Sound boarding and steering committee on conflicting issues

We offer specialist advice on a number of accountancy and business advisory services, including; set up of practices, raising finance, practice development, superannuation certificate expertise, personal and employee pension schemes, advice on purchasing surgeries or selling businesses.

Other healthcare services provided by Ballards LLP include:

  •  Practice management; finance, partnership agreements and employment and pension issues
  •  Advice on partnership/joint venture structures
  •  Associate agreement structures
  •  Managing mergers, acquisitions and demergers
  •  Guidance on computer accounting systems
  •  Partnership tax returns
  •  Wealth management
  •  Succession planning
  •  Consultancy services to Primary Care Groups and Primary Care Trusts

The firm benefits from Matthew Watson (Partner) heading up the Medical Team – offering two generations of dedicated healthcare accountancy expertise. Matthew represents circa 500 medical based organisations and individuals both locally and on a National basis. This allows the team to focus on sector specific issues, which may be missed by generalist accountants, in order to maximise your reliefs and profits.


Mark Skellum (Partner) heads up ‘Corporate Healthcare’. This department is particularly important in the current medical sector climate as it deals with not only GP surgeries and medical professionals, but also offers expert and experienced services to Super Partnerships and Federated entities. Mark is one of only a small handful of accountants that have successfully structured and serviced both Super Partnerships and Federations. He currently sits as Finance Lead for a number of Healthcare businesses as well as regularly offering strategic advice to a number of Healthcare groups and NHS organisations. Having a background within one of the Big 4 accountancy firms, Mark has supported both large and small medical entities and is at the cutting edge of change with the Healthcare sector.

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