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Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats with our NEW Cybersecurity Analysis Service.





Cybersecurity Analysis Service

Your Cybersecurity Journey Starts Here

Our specialised Cybersecurity Team offers a range of services to help SMEs enhance their cybersecurity. We work closely with SMEs to help them take control of their cybersecurity strategy by identifying hidden threats, developing robust remediation plans, and implementing proactive solutions.



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Our services

Cyber Essentials Readiness

Our Cyber Essentials Readiness service is designed to assist you through the process of obtaining Cyber Essentials Certification.


Assessment and Gap Analysis

We assess your current cybersecurity measures and identify areas where they may not fully comply with cyber best practices.

Recommendations and Action Plan

Based on our assessment, we provide actionable recommendations to address identified gaps and develop a bespoke action plan. 

Guidance and

We guide you through the process of implementing necessary changes and offer continuous support to enhance your security posture.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Help guide you through the process of obtaining the Cyber Essentials certification and manage ongoing annual renewal.

Book a free consultation with our Digital Transformation Consultant Bal Siyan.

With over 25 years of IT security expertise, Bal collaborates with your organisation to develop digital security roadmaps that align seamlessly with your business goals.

Don't be the next statistic

In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is not optional – it’s a must.

Neglecting it can lead to a damaged reputation, data loss, and financial losses and lead to non-compliance with regulations like GDPR

Recent UK Cybersecurity Breaches Survey statistics reveal a grim reality

UK businesses experienced cyberattacks in the past year.
Battled sophisticated cyber aggression
Businesses and 26% of charities dealt with weekly cyberattacks

Cyber Essentials

About Cyber Essentials Certification

The Cyber Essentials Certification is a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) government-backed accreditation designed to enhance the cybersecurity measures of businesses. This certification is a step towards mitigating cyber threats and ensuring GDPR compliance, which in turn saves businesses from potential fines and penalties.

The Competitive Advantage
Becoming certified is a strategic move for businesses, as it amplifies customer trust by demonstrating a commitment to data security. It also provides a competitive edge, especially for those seeking to bid for opportunities that require Cyber Essentials certification within the private and public sectors.

The Benefits
The benefits of the certification extend beyond enhanced security processes. Certified businesses are recognised as trusted suppliers, solidify their supply chain by showcasing their secure operations to partners, suppliers, and investors. Additionally, businesses that achieve certification are eligible automatically for cyber liability insurance for any UK organisation that certifies their whole organisation and have less than £20m annual turnover (terms apply).

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