How to Get Employee Buy-in for New System Implementations

Implementing a new software system or process can lead to major improvements in efficiency and productivity. However, without proper planning and communication, these changes can also face resistance from employees. Here are six tips to help gain employee buy-in and ensure the smooth implementation of a new system:

  1. Identify Key Stakeholders

Determine who the project will impact and who needs to be kept informed. This might include team leaders, IT staff, end users, and an executive sponsor. Getting input from these groups early on will help anticipate needs and concerns.

  1. Communicate the Why

Explain the rational for the change in an open and transparent way. Share details on expected benefits, costs, and what will happen if no change is made. This builds understanding around the need for change.

  1. Recruit Change Champions 

Enlist respected team members from different areas to advocate for the new system. They can address concerns one-on-one and model excitement about improvements.

  1. Customise Communication Strategies

Tailor messaging around implementation to each person’s preferences and learning style. For example, give big picture overviews to some and nuts-and-bolts details to others.

  1. Anticipate Resistance

Accept that change brings unease and scepticism for some, especially in the beginning stages. Be empathetic, patient and ready to discuss hesitations.

  1. Offer Adequate Training

Provide guidance documentation, hands-on demonstrations, and access to experts both during and after launch. The goal is for everyone to fully understand the purpose and use of the new tools.

Gaining cooperation from staff ensures a smoother transition when rolling out process and technology improvements.

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