Looking for R&D Specialists – Introducing our Support Service for Professionals (SSFP)

“I don’t want to lose my long-standing relationship with my Accountant, but they don’t specialise in R&D Tax Relief”

As Research and Development (R&D) Specialists, we hear this a lot. We understand that clients build strong relationships over the years with their Advisors and the idea of having to move everything to access a specialist service more often than not, results in them forgoing that service and missing out on a valuable relief. In some cases, as an agent, you may be tempted to try and offer R&D services, without the confidence that it’s correct and frequently with mistakes.

As an agent, your most valuable assets are your clients, but you cannot assist these with every aspect of their affairs. Therefore, it can be invaluable to have easily accessible support to ensure your clients continue to receive a first-class experience where external advisors are required.

Why choose Ballards for R&D

Ballards LLP can provide bespoke arrangements to provide additional more complex services, as though we were just another part of your firm offering. Ballards has previously been recognised as ‘ICAEW West Midlands Accountancy Firm of the Year.’ The Institute granted the award due to our embracing of new technology, sector specialisms, our ongoing investment into developing expert staff across all service lines, and our continued growth and expansion throughout the economic downturn, evidencing that we are a reputable firm to work with.

We have extensive agreements in place that detail our range of solutions that are available should your clients require support in a certain financial area. With such an agreement in place, you can maintain your long-standing relationships with your clients, whilst knowing you are providing them with added value and access to trusted specialists that will provide a five-star service. Our experience with these arrangements is that clients appreciate a joined-up approach between quality professional advisors and ensures that your clients have the best possible advice.

R&D Focused

With a focus on R&D Tax Relief specifically, our in-house R&D specialists are well equipped to build a robust and high-quality claim, keeping their main agents up to date on progress and liaising with them for the adjustments required. A number of firms now see us as another arm of their service offering, and we work seamlessly with them to provide this service, with a key focus on tailoring it to each client’s individual circumstances.

If you would like to explore this further and ask any questions regarding our SSFP, or indeed accessing our specialist R&D service alongside your main accountant, please contact Corporate Tax Manager, Gina Gardner on 01905 794504 or by email at gina.gardner@ballardsllp.com

For more information about our services and how we can help your business please get in touch.
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