Top 5 Cybersecurity Do’s & Don’ts: Expert Tips from Bal Siyan

As cybersecurity concerns continue to evolve, the Security team at Ballards LLP is committed to helping our clients stay safe and secure online. These practical handy tips help you with basic knowledge and best practices needed to protect your digital assets and confidential information.


DO keep systems updated

Regularly patch and update operating systems, software, apps and security tools. Vendors release fixes for vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them. Staying current ensures you have the latest protections.

DO use strong unique passwords
Create strong, randomised passwords for each account using a password manager. This prevents access to multiple accounts if one password is compromised. Enable multi-factor authentication for extra protection.

DO backup data
Maintain current backups of critical data and files on external drives or cloud services. Backups allow quick recovery from malware or ransomware without paying criminals. Test regularly to verify recoverability.

DO limit user permissions

Only provide users with the minimum system and network permissions necessary for their role. This limits damage if an account is compromised.

DO educate employees
Train employees on cybersecurity best practices around phishing, strong passwords, social engineering and safe web use. An informed workforce is less likely to make costly mistakes.


DON’T click suspicious links

Exercise caution before opening links and attachments from unverified or questionable senders, which often distribute malware. Verify legitimacy before engaging.

DON’T use public Wi-Fi for sensitive tasks

Avoid transmitting sensitive data or accessing critical accounts on public Wi-Fi. Use a trusted VPN if remote access is required to encrypt connections.

DON’T reuse passwords

Avoid password reuse across multiple accounts. If one password is breached, reused passwords put other accounts at risk of compromise as well.

DON’T ignore software alerts

Promptly address alerts from security tools and software. Outdated or misconfigured security controls render organisations vulnerable.

DON’T neglect mobile security

Mobile devices are often overlooked but must be secured with screen locks, app permissions, OS updates and mobile threat defence.

Focusing on these core dos and don’ts will vastly improve your cybersecurity footing. For additional guidance to increase your defences, connect with me or my team. We’re here to help strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

Bal Siyan

With over 25 years of IT security expertise, Bal collaborates with your organisation to develop digital security roadmaps that align seamlessly with your business goals.

For more information, please contact Bal on or call 01905 975659.

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