Digital Transformation: Now is the time to consider long-term success

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to undertake tactical digital transformation projects to continue operations, for example enabling remote working of colleagues, setting up eCommerce sales channels etc.

These tactical transformations may have addressed the short-term need forced by the Covid-19 pandemic, but now is the time to consider the long-term success that digital transformation can bring.  This view is based on 2 key factors:

Sticking plaster approach – Due to the forced time constraint of the pandemic, the tactical projects may have addressed the short-term need, but are they the correct solutions to support the future business objectives?

Digital eye opener – Many businesses have now witnessed the benefits of what digital transformation can bring, dismissing the myth that digital transformation must be complicated, expensive and time consuming.  If you aren’t addressing the long-term success that digital transformation can bring, there is a higher likelihood that your competitors now are.

Therefore, I am a firm believer that now is the correct time for businesses to be accelerating the adoption of new technology, building on the digital momentum achieved by tactical projects.

At Ballards, we have expert real-life experience of assisting our clients with their digital transformation journey.  That includes assisting with current state reviews and creating a digital strategy via our Virtual CIO service, through to system selection, procurement assistance and project management services.

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