Green Software – The Growing Trend

Green software and technology is not a new concept but has gained traction and publicity due to concerns about the impact of pollution and global warming.

I have personally evidenced this in recent years when helping clients select new software packages, that environmental impact and carbon footprint are increasing factors in the selection criteria.  I also read in a recent publication that 66% of organisations now consider environmental impact when purchasing new products or services.

Large tech companies have already started to react to this growing trend with Microsoft recently launching the Green Software Foundation, a non-profit ecosystem of people, standards, tooling, and practices to reduce carbon emissions caused by software development.  Amazon has also recently stated its commitment to power its operations and data centres with renewable energy by 2025.

It is also positive to see some of the smaller software and tech companies starting to play their part in this growing initiative.  I recently had a conversation with a UK software house, that is actively reviewing its software code to use more energy-efficient algorithms while also moving its data centre and hosting to more energy-efficient providers.

Green Software in my view is not a passing fad and will continue to accelerate and be an increasing deciding factor for purchasers in the future.

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