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Tax Investigation

Delivering Comprehensive Protection.

We are inviting all of our clients to subscribe to our Tax Investigation Service.

We are partnered with a market-leading provider, Markel Tax, who have an excellent reputation within the accountancy profession, in order to offer you the best service available. 

HMRC enquiries are better targeted and are being undertaken with an unprecedented level of detail and persistence. In the 2021/22 financial year HMRC recovered additional revenues of £30.8 billion through compliance activity. 

If you cannot afford the defence, you could end up paying a much higher tax bill by having to accept HMRC’s demands. Even when the outcome of the enquiry results in no adjustments to your tax position, the cost of defence can soon escalate. 

Our tax investigations package enables us to defend you in the unfortunate case that you are selected for an enquiry without worrying about the cost.  For an annual charge, you can rest assured that you are protected against the professional costs associated with an HMRC enquiry. 

Whether it’s a PAYE or VAT visit, a technical challenge, or a detailed books and records enquiry, our service is designed to get you the best possible result and is why we strongly recommend that all our clients subscribe. 

The service also protects you against investigations into approved Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme payments, as well as gift aid and Stamp Duty Land Tax and its regional equivalents, subject to usual terms and conditions. 

The fee for the annual subscription to this service is as follows:

Limited Company/Partnerships (large) – £165 plus VAT

Sole Traders/Partnerships (small) – £140 plus VAT

Additionally, HMRC continue to review directors and partners personal tax returns in insolation and have made it known that they continue to target ‘high-net wealth’ individuals. We also therefore recommend that you also consider personal cover for an additional premium of £60 plus VAT per individual to provide all round protection. 

Further information can be found here

The tax investigations service summary can be found here

To subscribe to our Tax Investigation Service please email including the name of company, partnership or individual you would like covered or to request further information.



For more information about our Tax Investigation services please get in touch.
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